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Chase Tremaine
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Chase Tremaine A fascinating end-cap to one of the strangest, most overlooked careers in all of music. RIP DRMAN!!! (Or not? Please come back? Misses Stewart?!?!) Favorite track: Like A Dove.
Jeffrey Whitehurst
Jeffrey Whitehurst thumbnail
Jeffrey Whitehurst Dr Manhattan has gotten me through some shit. I still like their eponymous album and Jam dreams more at this point but I'm sure I'll grow to love this release as much as I love the other two. Favorite track: How I Love You.
Mick thumbnail
Mick Off beat indie rock from brew town, USA. Toss one back and let your paisley embroidered freak flag fly.
Austin Ridge
Austin Ridge thumbnail
Austin Ridge Dr Manhattan has been my favorite band for years. They are some of the nicest people i have ever met. This band has gotten me threw hard times, both personally and musically. I will forever be grateful for having them in my life and i think everyone should hear their music.
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We are thrilled to be putting out new music after some years. With this EP, we tracked all of the instruments live, in the same room, with all of the amps bleeding into each mic without any isolation. Returning to record with Jon Alvin for another recording session was incredible, as expected.

Thank you for coming to check it out. Please listen at a generous volume, you'll hear better when you're dead.



released July 22, 2014

Engineered and Mixed by Jon Alvin at Chrome Attic
Mastered by Mystery Room Mastering



all rights reserved


drmanhattan Illinois

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Track Name: Dance The Vibes Away
Sitting nowhere in the middle
Moving slowly never ending
Something floating
Side wind softly letting never ev-
er ending

Endless nothing necessary never ever
Sitting nowhere in the middle
Moving slowly

More love move over. Rely
More timeless love let out

And less left
more time ever never
ending current

Standing somewhere outer edging
Staying quickly always starting
Nothing sinking
Chief earth hardly stopping ever nev-
Er starting

Startful something disposable ever never
Standing somewhere outer edging
Staying quickly

Less hate, stay under. Distrust
Less space more hate kept in.

Or more right
Less space never ever
Starting stillness
Track Name: BOLO YODO
I spent a lot of time waiting for
My anxiety to crumble in to bricks.
Rather it is whole. Full-fetched. Skull wet.
Why meant what not of mine plated?
Is there continuity over low penning?
Phlegming lathered null. Rolls etched. Bowl set.

Narrowed to calming rounds of gain
sending cold blood down warm brain from plenty scragged vein.


I mean it all when I am late for love.
It’s you I’m thinking of when flying to the moon on a bicycle that rips off the Buick in gunmetal baby earth roof.
Scragged vein. Gawking, raw-boned, anorexic and fat.
But now I don’t spend my waiting on notoriety so humble as butter.
Regular is extraordinary.

Narrowed to calming rounds of gain
sending cold blood down warm brain from plenty scragged vein.

Track Name: How I Love You
Do what you like.
You need to breathe.
Wear clothes for warmth?
You need some love.
Do not over
Think anything’s
Falling apart.
You’re gonna make it but it doesn’t matter.

Let me tell you how I love you
Not to hear it in return.
I want you to know my love now.
I want you to know my love.

My love.
How I love you.

You are alone.
Talk to people
That you don’t know.
Sha-are yourself
Don’t hog it all.
What good is love
If hid away?
Things that go wrong
Aren’t gonna kill you but you’re gonna die.

Let you tell me that you love me
Not to hear it in return.
I want me to know your love now.
I want me to know your love.

Your love.
How you love me.

You are alone.
I’m here too.
Help me Find yourself?
You’re right there.
I don’t know where
You put you.
I am right here.
Track Name: Like A Dove
Wouldn’t you know it I feel like a dove.
Coo to do two delving drawings of.
Someone come to meet me my animal friends the floor is slippery.

Hand grew out of boundary, out of glove.
Hold me I just want to feel in love.
I bought the biggest bottle and im battling with a beetle bubble bath.

Ohhh no.
Awwww yea.
Oh maybe so. It’s worth a shot tho.

Blark and did it in a blarkened birth.
Shark in teeth and park in starkled worth.
Babe you’ll be so tired, wired in to work my paviloma guff.

Check this out, I got it off a bum.
It works, it, but it irritates, it, it, thumb.
I heard the verdict if word is predicted id uh heard and girdle that bird.

Ohhh no.
Awwww yea.
Oh maybe so. It’s worth a shot tho.

Cheese and grease go bees on to ease knees.
The button’s busted boy ill look at these.
Saving up your milk money, silk honey, don’t you stain my shit.

Standing in the fork this forkin road.
The toad owed me say you hey there he goes.
Squirtle in a quarter shell a turtle scared by purple. Be prepared.